An Individual step in character training is to put responsibility on the individual.
                                                                                                               A scout is never taken By surprise ; he 
                                                                                                               knows exactly what to do when 
                                                                                                               anything unexpected happens.
                                                                                                                       -- ROBERT BADEN POWELL


Common ways to implement the Scout method include having Scouts spending time together in small groups with shared experiences and activities, and emphasizing good citizenship and decision-making by young people in an age-appropriate manner. Weekly meetings often take place in local centers known as Scout dens. Cultivating a love and appreciation of the outdoors and outdoor activities is a key element.


  • The movement employs the Scout method, a program of informal education with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities ,including camping ,woodcraft signs, aquatics ,backpacking and sports.

  • This method is found to be more useful than teaching within four walls of a regular classroom mainly because the scouts have a more practical approach to the lessons they have been taught.

  • This helps them grasp the topics easily and effectively use it in their day to day lives.

  • Scout classes are usually held on Saturday mornings .The regular classes start off with the hoisting of the troop flag, followed by the topics for the day. Senior scouts and rovers also take an active part in training the junior scouts throughout their scouting career.

  • The seniors thus give the students a first hand experience of what they have gone through in the various camps that they have attended to earn their badges.

  • Scouting is all about outdoor fun. Keeping this in mind ,we make sure that the scouts also play group games after the class so that it develops team spirit and provides scope for healthy competition among them.

New Horizon Scout Troop is involved in various activities from time to time.We believe in upholding the Scout Motto i.e. to 
'BE PREPARED' and are striving to bring about a change in ourselves as well as in the society around us.

Cooking competitions are held every year where in each patrol gets to don their chefs hat and showcase their culinary skills.

We also do our bit for the underprivileged by rendering service.Our past visits have been to places like Spastic Society of India, Rakum school for the blind and underprivileged, among many others...
During Camps,the scouts are sent to villages close to the camp site for conducting surveys, teaching the kids of govt. schools etc and get a chance to interact with localites.

Scout Games : Scouts are involved in lots of unique games,that sharpen their senses and instill discipline and self control in them,also improving their physical activity.Lion hunting, treasure hunt,kim's game,cock fighting etc are a few of the games. To learn more games,download the file below.    


  • Camps are held quite often so that the scouts can actual have a hands on approach to what they have learnt in the theory classes.Topics like Map making and Pioneering are best taught outdoors.
  • Regular camps are held in our state training centre—Besant Park in Doddabalapur. The testing camps for gaining the major badges like the Rajya Puraskar (Governor’s award) and Rashtrapati Puraskar (President’s award;which is the highest award in scouting) are also held here in Besant Park.
The most exciting part of the scouting journey is the time that we spend camping.We learn to live away from the comforts of home,away from dear ones and hence learn to take care of ourselves.

Apart from having an annual troop camp of our own, New Horizon Scout Group actively participates in various other camps held at the State,National as well as International level.

Scouts from our troop have taken part in jamborees held abroad in countries like Bangladesh,Thailand, and
London.There will also be participation in the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in SWEDEN coming up shortly.

Pioneering,First Aid ,Mapping etc are some of the topics on which sessions in the camps are held on a regular basis.The scouts are taken out for hike's during the day and sometimes at night,thus helping them observe nature and enhancing their physical stamina.