“Leave the world a better place than you found it” –Lord Baden Powell

The history of Guiding dates back to 1907 when the young girls of Britain wanted to support their
brothers during the war. The young boys were led by Lord Baden Powell into the scouting Movement,
and the girls were led by his sister Agnes Baden Powell into Guiding.

The movement spread across the globe in a few years and was started along with the Scouting
Movement in India at European Boy’s High school (now Bishop Cotton’s Boys School), Bangalore.
Subsequently it was started in various schools across India and the Bharat Scouts & Guides Association
was formed in the year 1952.

Guiding in New Horizon Public school was started in 1992, 2 years after the scouting movement was
introduced. Classes are being held every Saturday since then.

The curriculum includes various topics like First Aid, Estimation, Mapping, Pioneering etc. which help
an individual to lead his daily life in a mature way. Every class starts off with the Flag Hoisting ceremony
and ends with the Troop games. Competitions like cooking and drawing are held once a month.

Camp life is an integral part of the movement. It teaches the young guides to live a non-luxurious
life for a few days. The guides get accustomed to the open area without noise and pollution in the
midst of nature. It also showcases a life beyond the comforts like television, internet, phones and Air
conditioners. Camp activities include hikes, treks, patrol expeditions, community service, Wood Craft
Signs- aided Treasure Hunts, BP’s 6 Exercises and theory sessions. The Guide Captain accompanies the
guides to various camps that are organized as a part of the guiding curriculum. Annual troop camps are
held at the end of every Academic Year.

The Guiding Movement at New Horizon has produced many Rashtrapati Guides who still serve the
society in their own way. The guides have also attended International and National level Jamborees and
are on par with the Scouts of the Group.