The New Horizon Scout Troop was started in the month of October 1990.Mr T.K. Narayanaswamy {LT(S)} started the troop after completing his basic training.Under his dynamic leadership,the troop has produced many Rashtrapati scouts over the years.
The scouts have always been brimming with enthusiasm and give their heart and soul into the scouting movement. Many scouts have been selected to represent Karnataka in National Jamborees held in Haridwar, Orissa,Delhi, Mangalore and represent India in International Jamborees held in Bangladesh,Thailand and London.

An enthusiastic scout troop led by an enthusiastic troop leader is what New Horizon Scout Troop is all about.

                                                                                            Our Scoutmaster

Our Scoutmaster Mr. T.K Narayanaswamy has been a mentor to the troop since its inception.He has inspired us to get actively involved in the movement,which has helped instil discipline in our lives.He completed his Basic Course in August 1990 and did his Advanced Course in a year.He earned the Himalayan wood badge in the year 1992 and became ALT{S} in 1994.He became LT{S} in 2009 and received the 10 yrs service award at Bangladesh from T.S Lucas.It is because of his commitment to the movement that New Horizon Scout Group has been scaling greater heights in the number of Rashtrapati Awardees year after year.

The New Horizon Scout Troop
Flag hoisting in progress at one of the camps
Participation in Jamborees:
  • First Jamboree in which our troop took part was the National Jamboree in Palghat.
  • The 3rd SAARC/National Jamboree at Khurda,Orissa ( 4th to 9th of January 1998)
  • Golden Jubilee Jamboree of  BS&G held at MNM Jain Engineering College,Chennai ( 27th Jan to 1st Feb 2000)
  • 15th National Jamboree held at Haridwar ( 16th to 22nd Oct 2005)
  • National Jamboree at Kolkata in 2006.
                            International Camps

1. Bangladesh                                   2. Thailand
3. London                                          4. Sweden (this month)

Jamborettes  Attended by the Troop :
  • First Jamborette was attended by the troop at KREC Campus from the 26th to 31st of  December 1990.
  • Participated in Jamborette held from 16th to 22nd January 1993.
  • Third Jamborette at Bidar held from 22nd to 28th January 1995.
  • Jamborette at Tumkur from 4th to 10th January 1997.
  • Jamborette at Belgaum from 4th to 10th January 2001.
  • Jamborette at Davangere from 2nd to 8th 2006.
  • The latest Jamborette was held in Bangalore from 6th to 12th of January 2011.