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Rovering is a service division of scouting for young men. A group of Rovers, analogous to a scout troop is called a crew.The section was started in 1918, following the successful growth of the Scout Movement, and was intended to provide a Scouting programme for young men who hadgrown up beyond the age range of the core Scout section. It was quickly adopted by the national Scouting organizations around the world.

Rovering is the jolly journey of young people from adolescence to successful and responsible adulthood in the principles of service to god,country and his fellowmen.
The objectives of Rovering are to:
  • Provide service to the Scout Movement
  • Provide service to the community
  • Develop as individuals by expanding one's range of skills
  • Enjoy fellowship, social, outdoor, and cultural activities
Rovering provides an experience that leads to a life enriched in the following ways:
  • Character and Intelligence
  • Handicraft and Skill
  • Health and Strength
  • Service for Others
  • Citizenship
Rovering is the division of scouting for young men between 
the ages 18-25 yrs.
New Horizon Rover Crew comprises of  5  energetic young men,all pursuing their undergraduate studies at various colleges.They get together once a week and discuss the movement.The rovers are :
  1. V Hari Kumar (Rover Mate)
  2. Tejovanth N
  3. Shreyas V Joshi
  4. Kishore K
  5. A Aswin Kumar

Scouting is not about the knowledge,its mainly the application of this knowledge at the right time and in the right way.This skill can come in handy at any point of time in our lives.
Innovating the existing scout methods is called Scout Engineering.Rovers come up with new ideas to improve the classical way of doing things.Apart from this,they also take scout classes on Saturdays and train the scouts.